Ozark Shavings Pick-Ease shavings for poultry

Ozark Shavings Bio Secure Animal Bedding

Ozark Shavings is a leader in southern yellow pine shaving markets. Our objective is to develop and promote products that meet or exceed your expectations. For use with high value animals and poultry, Ozark Shavings has developed Ozark Bio-Secure. This is produced in accordance with strict protocols and procedures for the prevention of salmonella species including Listeria, Enteritidis and Typhimurium. Each production run is sampled with the results tested by a third party facility and is guaranteed to be free of salmonella at the time of shipment. Ozark Bio-Secure is used in lavatories, genetic facilities, livestock transportation and high value egg production. To have the best, you can start with the best with Ozark Shavings Bio-Secure.

Mini Flake CompositionBio Security

Our line of Bio-Secure bedding is specially designed to provide you with the safest animal bedding available. These pine shavings have been manufactured under the strictest prosodical and procedures for the prevention of Salmonella, Typhimurium, Listeria and Enteritidis.

Mini Flake Composition Product Usage

All Ozark Shavings Pine Bedding Line is available as Bio-Secure. For more information on the lines, quantities, and availability in your area please contact us to speak with one of our shavings experts.

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What People are Saying..

"Our two bottle babies laying on the fresh Ozark Shavings"


We use your ozark shavings because they are everything you say they are, and more...the packaging is clean and allows us to see the quality product inside, and it is a manageable size for this 125 lb woman to use at chore time.

We are using this on small calves, so a dust free, absorbent product is very much a plus. The quality is consistent, bag to bag, and month to month, available at our local farm store. I would recommend this bedding product to anyone seeking quality care for their pets or livestock

- Greg and Joann Umberger, Umberger Polled Herefords, Rozel, KS



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