The Ozark Shavings Standard

Ozark Shavings Company, LLC, Licking, Missouri is deeply rooted in forest ownership and manufacturing. 100% of our shavings are produced in our facility, allowing maximum quality control. Ozark Shavings offers four sized of bedding products. Each type has different characteristics providing you with a range of performance options. All are produced from sustainable forests and manufactured for high absorbency, low dust content and packaged in clear bags for your approval prior to purchase. The Ozark Standard is for you to be satisfied and not disappointed with your purchase.


The Ozark Shavings Difference

At Ozark Shavings, we have taken the manufacturing of southern yellow pine shavings to a higher level. Ozark Shavings utilized every part of the tree. The bark is sold for mulch, the dust burned for fuel and the remainder of the tree is bagged for shavings. Out shavings are triple screened to remove the dust providing our customers with a healthy environment for their livestock. Our bedding is quality tested multiple times each day to insure our absorbency and flake sizes meet your expectations. Ozark Shavings does not mix by-products from other location with our shavings. Finally, you can see into every bag before you purchase it. Ozarks Shavings wants to earn your trust with every bag we produce.


Ozark Premium

Large Flake

The Ozark Premium Flake has the versatility to be used in a variety of applications including horse stalls, show events and animal comfort. The low dust provides a healthy environment for livestock, judges and the audience. The absorbency and flake size are perfect for birthing and indoor weaning.

  • Low dust
  • Kiln Dried
  • 9 Cubic Foot Bag
  • Cushioning
  • Low Compaction
  • Good absorption


Ozark Select Blend

Medium Flake

Ozark Select was formulated for equine use. Ozark Select has a uniform range of shaving sizes. When you need animal comfort and absorbency Ozark Select is for you.


  • 8 Cubic Foot Bag
  • Ultra Absorbent


Ozark Poultry Plus

Small Flake

Ozark Poultry Plus was originally produced for the poultry markets. Poultry Plus has a majority of medium and small flake. It has excellent absorption capacity. Poultry Plus users in the poultry industry comment on the foot improvement noted over other bedding products.  


  • 8 Cubic Foot Bag
  • Ultra Absorbent


Ozark Shavings Pick-Ease Mini-Flake

Mini Flake

Ozark Pick Ease is an ultra small flake without the dust. It is popular with equine, poultry, hog transport, and small pet customers. In stall uses, Easy Pick encapsulates waste and is easy to remove. in poultry markets it is used in laying, and in hog transportation it washes easily and does not clog in the waste processing. Flake size is consistent from bag to bag.


Ozark Shavings Bio-Secure

Bio-Secure Animal Bedding

Ozark Shavings is a leader in southern yellow pine shaving markets. Our objective is to develop and promote products that meet or exceed your expectations. For use with high value animals and poultry, Ozark Shavings has developed Ozark Bio-Secure. This is produced in accordanve with strict prodocols and proceedures for the prevention of salmonella species including...